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Bachelor thesis: Effect of mechanical weed control on SOIL STRUCTURE

  • Online seit 22.01.2021
  • 210122-442296
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Mechanical weed control seems to be an environmental-friendly alternative to herbicide application. However, the effect of hoeing on mulch coverage, soil erosion, nitrogen mineralization, earthworms and insects has not been clarified yet. The ongoing project, EvaHerb aims at evaluation and balancing the risks of mechanical and chemical weed control in sugar beets. The goal of this bachelor thesis is to compare the soil structure of the upper soil after chemical and mechanical weed control in sugar beets. Field measurements have to be conducted in Mai 2021 on a field near Nörten-Hardenberg to measure soil roughness, bulk density, field and air capacity and continuity of soil macropores. The measuring methods are simple and easy to learn. Furthermore, on the same field a lot of other field measurements will be carried in Mai by EvaHerb Project-Team, so a bachelor student will get help in case of any technical problems. Soil roughness has to be measured using a roller chain method. Soil steel rings have to be taken to measure soil porosity characteristics. To evaluate the continuity of macropores within upper 0-5 cm soil layer, the infiltration pattern of blue dye in upper soil has to be examined and documented by photographs. The rain simulation experiments with blue dye will be carried out by EvaHerb-Project team. The field data collection will take max. 3 weeks, the laboratory measurements agterwards ca 1 week. By interest please contact Olga Fishkis per email fishkis@ifz-goettingen.de



willingness to make field measurements

carefulness and responsibility



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Freitag, 30. April 2021 - 23:59


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Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
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Sugar Beet Research Institute
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Frau Dr. Olga Fishkis




Frau Dr. Olga Fishkis




Georg-August-Universität Göttingen | Sugar Beet Research Institute

Holtenser Landstr. 77
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