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Civic Engagement

Civic engagement includes permanent or temporary activities of self-organisation in political, social or convivial associations, organisations and federations. In essence, it is about conscious action as a citizen and member of a community and about responsibility for others, tolerance, solidarity and consideration in various areas of society. A responsible and active citizenship in this sense forms the basis of democratically constituted societies. The aim of the university is, in addition to the professional education, to enable the students to act responsibly in all areas of society, which is why it expressly approves and promotes civic commitment during their studies.


Engagement exchange

Engagement exchanges offer the opportunity to get involved in a wide variety of social areas and to assume civil society responsibility.

To the engagement exchange

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Service learning

Service Learning refers to the combination of experience-based, action-oriented teaching and civic engagement, whereby a real benefit is created for civil society.

Further informations

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In the future, the topic of honorary office will be given its own event. We will inform you here in time.